for the bees 🐝

Our mission is to support habitats for bees & other pollinators, share helpful information, & uplift organizations who work to protect pollinators.

The Bee Sanctuary

The Bee Sanctuary is…

A feeling.

The Bee Sanctuary is a feeling of hope.

It’s a feeling of persevering. Of not giving up.

It’s a feeling of hope that despite all the horrible things happening in the world, it is still within humanity’s power to preserve pollinators.

A sense of purpose.

The Bee Sanctuary is a greater sense of purpose.

I know that it’s not too late to preserve pollinators…

Because they’re still here and we’re still here, too.

Here, NOW.

It’s up to us to choose to do something with whatever we have: our energies, intentions, actions, words, skills, resources, etc.!

It’s part of my purpose on this planet to give pollinators a voice. Maybe it’s yours, too!

A digital place.

It’s here. You’re here. Hi! Welcome in!

I hope to create this digital place as a portal full of hope, inspiration, and information!

A physical place.

The Bee Sanctuary is a place, but it’s not just one place.

The Bee Sanctuary is wherever you create it to be.

I currently live in the suburbs of southeast Michigan. I have a tiny yard that I’ve turned into a Bee Sanctuary as much as I possibly could!

But it’s not just me. Everything is connected. All our actions to help pollinators MATTER.

Every effort helps, no matter how small it may seem.

My dream is to have an epic physical location one day. A place where thousands upon thousands of bees & other pollinators can thrive!

But for now, this is the beacon. This is the signal. It’s tiny, but it’s bright… just like these precious creatures.

Will you join me?

The Bee Sanctuary - Cherry Tree