like bees, these orgs are

beacons of hope 🕊️

Sister Orgs ❤️

  • Mother Bear Sanctuary – An animal sanctuary and retreat center that fosters connections to your body, nature & each other.


  • Palestine Children’s Relief Fund – PCRF is the primary humanitarian organization in Palestine, delivering crucial and life-saving medical relief and humanitarian aid where it is needed most.

Indigenous Peoples

  • Honor the Earth – Uses indigenous wisdom, music, art, and the media to raise awareness and support for Indigenous Environmental Issues, leveraging this awareness and support to develop financial and political capital for Indigenous struggles for land and life.
  • Amazon Watch – Aims to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin, partnering with Indigenous and environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights, corporate accountability, and the preservation of the Amazon’s ecological systems.
  • Indigenous Regeneration – Inspires Native Communities on re-generative living concepts, through food cultivation, medicinal farming, culture and eco-village education programs, to achieve re-indigenization and true Tribal sovereignty.
  • Indigenous Environmental Network -An alliance of Indigenous Peoples whose Shared Mission is to Protect the Sacredness of Earth Mother from contamination & exploitation by Respecting and Adhering to Indigenous Knowledge and Natural Law.
  • Survival International – Working in partnership with tribal peoples to campaign, lobby and protest for their land rights. Investigating, exposing, and confronting atrocities committed by governments and big business. We are here to amplify the tribal voice and make sure it is heard.
  • International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs – Defending Indigenous Peoples’ land rights, promoting inclusion in climate action and participation in local and international decision-making processes.
  • First Nations Development Institute – Works to improve economic conditions for Native Americans through technical assistance and training, advocacy and policy, and direct financial grants in the areas of stewarding native lands, nourishing native foods & health, advancing household & community asset-building strategies, strengthening tribal & community institutions, investing in native youth, & achieving native financial empowerment.
  • Native American Rights Fund – Fights to protect Native American rights, resources, and lifeways through litigation, legal advocacy, and legal expertise.


  • Xerces Society – Conservation of invertebrates and their habitats through pollinator conservation, endangered species conservation, and reducing pesticide use and impacts.
  • The Bee Conservancy – Focuses on protecting bees, safeguarding the environment, and securing food justice through community-based education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. 
  • Pollinator Partnership – Promotes the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research.


  • The Alliance for the Great Lakes – Working across the region to protect our most precious resource: the fresh, clean, and natural waters of the Great Lakes. I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life and have experienced many treasures the Great Lakes have shared with me. The issue of preserving the Great Lakes is one that is near and dear to my heart. 
  • River Cleanup – To limit the amount of plastic pollution beyond the reach of collection and recycling that enters our oceans, we must remove it before it gets there. Educating people, transforming companies, and actively cleaning our rivers are the most effective ways to stop plastic pollution from entering our environment.
  • Ocean Conservancy – Tackles the greatest global challenges facing our oceans today, focusing  on long-term solutions that promote a healthy ocean, abundant wildlife and thriving coastal communities.
  • Puget Sound Partnership – Supports the work that protects and recovers the Puget Sound (Washington state, USA); prioritizing healthy human population, vibrant quality of life, thriving species and food web, protected and restored habitat, abundant water quantity, and healthy water quality.
  • The Ocean Cleanup – Develops and scales technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.