here for a moment ⌛

I think there’s something so special about capturing a photo of an insect.

They are so tiny compared to us.

Their lives are so short compared to ours.

Yet, through our photos and videos of them, we can witness their existence in a single moment.

The most important part of an insect’s live is breeding and creating offspring.

Yet, each insect we meet is unique and is special in its own way.

I love imagining the family trees of insects.

I love bees and all pollinators so much. It is one of my greatest joys to play around with insect photography!

We can look back on our photos and videos and remember THAT specific insect.

There’s something so beautiful about that.

To me it feels like immortalizing their memory in a really sweet way.

I can remember that one bee who was very clearly having sweet dreams on my hyssop plant.

Or the cute little hoverfly that almost seemed to pose for my camera.

The Bee Sanctuary - Hoverfly with Hyssop


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